Rafting teens / adults

Rafting on Ubaye riverThe Raft, inflatable, unsinkable and equipped with an automatic emptying system, which has been especially designed to make the river accessible to the widest range is the perfect vessel for discovering practising white water with an optimal security.
Whether you want to make a calm discovery or to taste the most turbulent rapids of our river, this collective and funny boat, drived by a qualified and experienced guid will delight you whatever are your experience and physical condition.
From April onwards, make a date with the ever-changing Ubaye and the BarceloRaft team to experience either a sensible or a wild adventure....
The choice is yours!!!

  • La découverte (1½ hours on the water)
    The classic of the Ubaye, 10 kilometres of undemanding descent with a succession of rapids in untamed and spectacular surroundings.
    Discovery of the river, initiation into paddle handling techniques, river swimming, all in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Le sport (1¼ hours)
    A more demanding route exclusively for adults who either have a good level of experience or are very sporty and looking for an adrenaline rush.
  • L'Intégrale (2h30)
    Take advantage of the joys the Ubaye has to offer over a morning that combines the two key descents of the Ubaye (La découverte et le sport).
    This formula allows novices to start slowly and then attack the more demanding route serenely as it becomes increasingly challenging and thrilling. 
    A short pause between the two routes for a bite before getting straight back at it...

If you have successfully navigated several routes, notably Le Sport, and you want more, our guide can offer you the chance to test yourself against the elements, conditions permitting, in the internationally renowned "Infrans du bas", on Le must of the Ubaye...
A majestic itinerary of class 5/6 rapids in the gorges upstream of the Serre Ponçon lake.
Open only to experienced kayakers who can show evidence of their skill!!!

favorite course in the spring


2h30/3h navigation that allow you to take full advantage of the generous spring water levels in all security and progress.

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Barceloraft commitments

  • Equipment to European standards
  • Personalised and attentive service
  • Optimal safety procedures
  • Help organising your stay, introductions to professionals offering the activities you wish to try
  • Relaxed atmosphere during, and outside of, the river descents